You will need
  • - the Constitution of the Russian Federation;
  • - civil and labour code;
  • consultation of the lawyer.
To protect the rights of the teacher will help the Russian Constitution, criminal, Civil and Labor code. You will easily be able to resist to illegal actions, as well as its management and parents, if you know your rights.
Gently and tactfully, based on labour legislation, to suppress any attempt to impose on you additional duties. Try to avoid oral decisions and commitments, make all its decisions in writing, where possible, retain copies of them. If the Director or teacher is forcing you to take classroom management, note the authorities that order No. 854 of the Government of the Russian Federation from 30.12.2005 gives you the right to refuse it both for personal and professional reasons.
If you have offended someone from pupils or parents of pupils, you, in accordance with article 130 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation, have the right to file a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity. As a compromise in this situation, you can make a public apology of the offender.
If the parents of your students about you spread false or extremely distorted, the divine you, then you can assert your rights in court. The law (namely article 129 of the criminal code) on your side.
But remember that before the filing of the application is popytaetsya peacefully solve the problem. If you failed, inform the potential Respondent that they are going to sue him court. On a pathologically unbalanced individuals it is unlikely to work, but people who value their career and their reputation, can go to the world.
Consider also the possibility of filing a counterclaim about illegality of your actions. The most common reason is improper performance of duty (biased grading, violation of the rights of the child, etc.). In order to weigh all the "pros" and "cons" consult with a lawyer.