You will need
  • - first aid kit;
  • recording from cameras;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - a medical insurance policy.
If you reported the incident by phone, immediately try to come to kindergarten. Without parental permission the staff of the kindergarten do not have the right to send the child to the trauma.
Before you look to blame for what happened should examine the child and to plan their actions in accordance to the severity of the injury. Find out when and how the injury has occurred in kindergarten. If the staff just shrug their shoulders and demonstrate a complete ignorance, ask to see the records from cameras.
Ask yourself, did first aid to a child and what it was. Care for injuries is the medical staff of a kindergarten or any other employees in his absence.
When examined in the emergency room you will be asked to sign a waiver to the kindergarten staff. Do not make decisions rashly, try to assess the situation objectively. Think, could happen something like that, if you were there.
If you think the blame teachers or their colleagues are obvious, and their actions after the incident are incompetent, do not agree to sign the waiver. Then all the materials will be transferred to the police, who will continue to monitor the inspection, and also will solve a question on excitation of administrative or criminal proceedings.
It happens that kindergarten staff demonstrate negligence towards the health of their pupils, trying to hide the incident and even if it failed to "hush up". In this case, write the complaint to Prosecutor's office.
The trauma to the child, whatever the degree of its severity, in need of treatment. Regardless of the reasons and factors responsible for the incident always lies with kindergarten. So if you consider the cost of treatment of the child commensurate with his income, the necessary amount should recover from kindergarten. However, before engaging in lengthy litigation, try to discuss the matter with the administration of the kindergarten. Often the refund will be made on a voluntary basis.