Give her a date to matchmaking on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. In old times Russian people believed that these days "light".
Prepare a generous meal. This must be done regardless of whether you will agree to the wedding or not. A richly laid table is an ancient Russian tradition which lost its relevance to the present day. In Russian, even have about this proverb: "Skinny groom good show the way."
Prepare to meet matchmakers bogus brides. Dress in a girly outfit grandma or a man. Fun beat rite, but do not tighten.
Thank the parents of the groom for the attention and shown respect. Then invite your in-laws for a table.
Your daughter should not be present during courtship, as discussed material issues. This is also an old Russian custom.
If you have something not satisfied with the offer, ask the matchmakers time for reflection. Explain that you need time to get more acquainted with the groom. Try not to insult the groom and his parents. Refuse delicately and politely.
Even if you are completely happy prospective groom, follow the rules of wedding etiquette and don't settle immediately. Take at least a symbolic time to think. Before making the decision, the head of the family is interested in the views of all family members and then invited into the room the bride herself, which I ask consent to the marriage. Before that, she needs to give his future mother-in-law a bouquet of flowers.
Invite the matchmakers to re-visit you. This must be done in that case, if you still decided to give their daughter to the groom.
Discuss with the parents of the bridegroom the date of the engagement. At this event discuss the details of the wedding and negotiating the costs, the dowry and the number of guests from both sides.