Please visit the official website of Sberbank of Russia. Select the region of your residence.
On the main page, notice the horizontal menu, look for the first paragraph of "individuals", hover over it, don't click.
Select in the pop submenu the section "Deposits and accounts", click on it.
Study of the program of Sberbank on the contributionof am. You can choose one of several urgent contributions, onlinecontributions or special conditions for seniors. To optimize search, use the "Selection contributiona" button located in the left part of the page that lists the banking program. Enter information about the desired term of placement of funds, foreign currency accounts and the amount of down payment, the system will select for you the best option.
Use an online calculator to calculate income for contributionfor a certain period of time. It allows you to consider the withdrawal of savings and the capitalization of interest.
Visit the nearest branch of Sberbank of Russia. Inform the employee of the office, what kind of contribution you would like to open. Ask questions if you have them.
Give the employee a document proving your identity such as a passport. You can also present a driver's license.
Sign prepared by an employee of the savings Bank the contract of Bank contributionE. Check all data on the amounts, terms and conditions of withdrawal of funds.
Deposit open account cash in the amount of the agreed amount. Keep in mind that for some programs, this may amount to only 1 000 rubles, but to open other contributions it can be installed in larger size.
Get a plastic card of Sberbank, the organization departs from the issuance of passbooks and Bank offers simple tools even pensioners.