Types of Bank deposits in the savings Bank

Bank deposits from the savings Bank can be classified on various grounds, for example, the period of placement, functionality and their purpose.

From the point of view of the time allocation allocate time deposits and demand deposits. In the latter case, the client has the opportunity to withdraw money from your account at any time. Rate on such deposits is often nominal - 0.1%.

Unlike term deposits is that they are strictly stipulated in the contract period. For example, a year or 3 months. But if the investor decides to withdraw money from the Deposit early, the interest is not paid to him are set on the level of interest rates of demand Deposit.

Term deposits are heterogeneous, among them, allocate savings, savings and the estimated subspecies.

Savings deposits provide an opportunity to replenish the Deposit during the entire term of the contract. They are designed for those who are planning to save up for any expensive purchase. So, Bank deposits "Pay" suggest the bet in rubles to 6.6% per year with a maximum amount of 2 million rubles for a period up to 3 years.

A savings Deposit does not imply any operations with the account (for example, replenishment or partial withdrawal). These contributions are distinguished by the highest rate. On deposits to "Save" the maximum rate is 7% in rubles (0.4% above the contribution of the "Council").

The estimated contribution (also called universal) allows the client to monitor their account, for their money, manage their savings to make the Deposit and withdrawal of money. In the savings Bank, these deposits are called
Control, the maximum rate is 6.1% in RUR (0.9% lower than in the contribution "Save").

From the point of view of the currency of the host distinguish the ruble, foreign currency and multicurrency deposits. The last allow you to change the ratio of currencies in the currency basket that may make sense in case of changing market conditions. Deposit "Multicurrency" rate on ruble contribution is up to 5.9%, the contribution in dollars to 1.75%, and the Euro to 1.75 percent. Sberbank also have the opportunity to open deposits for lovers of exotic food - "international" for a period of three years. In this case, you can choose the Deposit in Japanese yen based interest rate to 2.25%), Swiss francs (2.5%) or pounds sterling (to 3.25%).

In the savings Bank and specialized Bank charitable programs ("donate life") and contributions for pensioners.

The yield of the deposits of the savings Bank

For comparison of profitability of deposits you can take similar parameters of the Deposit (amount of 1 million rubles for a period of 1 year, without capitalization) and estimate the resulting profit. On the contribution "Pay" income of $ 59 thousand, R., "Improved Onl@yn" - 61.5 thousand rubles On Deposit "Manage Onl@yn" income of $ 57.5 thousand, R., "Control" - 55 thousand. The best are the contributions of "Keep Onl@yn" and "Stay" - the yield on them would amount to 64.5 and 62 thousand rubles, respectively.

More profitable are the contributions with monthly capitalisation of percent, they will earn more income than when removing percent. So, the difference in maximum interest rates on Deposit "Pay Onl@yn" is 0.73% (6.85% capitalization and 7.58% with capitalization).

The deposits that are opened through the "Sberbank Online" are of higher interest. Rate on such renewed deposits of up to 6.85% per year (compared to 6.6% for classic deposits).

As to the currency of the deposits, the more favorable are the ruble. The maximum rate for dollar deposits in Sberbank is 2.15% on ruble 4 times more - 8.07%. Foreign currency deposits will be profitable if the dollar will lose a year of more than 6%.