You will need
  • money.
  • -access to the Internet;
  • -the passport.
Placing money in a Bank Deposit is a way to save and multiply your funds with the least risk. The financial market offers a large number of deposits with different terms, which should be carefully assessed before signing the contract. Remember that deposits of up to 700,000 rubles in our country insured, because banks working with physical persons, are obliged to participate in Deposit insurance system. If you want to post to accounts large amount, better to break it into several banks or open accounts at different members of his family.
Decide in which currency you keep your money. It is believed that saving or take out a loan better in those monetary units in which you get paid. But as full of confidence in the stability of the ruble in the long term no, financial analysts to reduce the risks suggest to divide the money into several currencies in roughly equal proportions. In this case, the loss arising from the depreciation of one of them, covered with profit from the growth of the other.
Pick up contribution that is suitable for you. Do not rush to the nearest branch of the savings Bank or another major Bank. Interest in them, as a rule, below the average. In order not to be buried under an avalanche of information from different banks, it is recommended to visit the Internet portal Enter on this website the amount available on the hands, you need to select the parameters and examine the proposals.
Selecting the desired input, go to the Bank page with detailed conditions. Pay attention to the following things: type of interest (at maturity or every month), interest capitalization (attaching them to the amount of primary inputs), the possibility dovlozheny and early full or partial withdrawal of money from the account. Often, banks offer different bonuses to people who open their Deposit. It can be free credit card or a gift. Don't be lazy! Calculate several deposits in different banks. Seemingly small differences can have a significant impact on the total amount of your income.
Go with your passport and money in a Bank, sign a contract and move into cash. It should be remembered that the contribution is a conservative tool, saving to your funds. If you keep the money "under the pillow" every year your savings are reduced in proportion to the rate of inflation. Interest on deposits, usually slightly above this level. Thus, it is useful in the process of saving for a major purchase, but to lay on him the hopes of making money, not worth it. For this purpose it is better to use other financial instruments.