A savings certificate is one of the products of Sberbank, which allows to obtain relatively high income and keep their own means.
Certificates can be valued from 10 thousand rubles to 8 million and above. Shelf life can vary from 91 to 1095 days.

Difference savings certificate savings Bank of Russia Deposit

Savings certificate has much in common with traditional Bank deposits, because it is a way of enhancement funds. At the same time it is characterized by some fundamental differences, among which are:
1) Certificate issued in the form of securities, due to this certificate can give, sell, transfer or use as collateral (e.g. credit).
2) Certificate can take with you on a trip (instead of cash), and then exchanged for cash at any regional office of the Bank (this is different from the passbook).
3) Deposits are personal deposits (ie open to a specific person), and the certificate of money to anyone - they are open to the bearer.
4) Unlimited term of validity of the certificate, the expiration of the period specified on the securities, it is possible to cash out and receive the accrued interest.

The benefits of savings certificates

The main advantages of savings certificates of the savings Bank:
1) higher yields than classic deposits.
Income depends on the term of placement of funds and can range from 0.01 to 9.30% in rubles.

2) there is No need to withdraw funds at the designated time, you can get them at any time.
3) High level of protection of securities.
4) No need to come personally to the Bank and cash certificates, and to issue a power of attorney to a third party.

Disadvantages of savings certificates

Despite the benefits, the certificate is not devoid of disadvantages:
1) for early payment interest is not charged (or rather, amount to 0.01% per annum).
2) If you lose your certificate it can only be restored through the courts.
3) the Certificate cannot be partially cash out may only complete withdrawals with loss of interest.
4) the Period of validity of the certificate is not renewable.
5) it is Impossible to get % certificate before its expiration.
Finally, the main drawback of a savings certificate - it is not subject to the Deposit insurance system, i.e. there is no guarantee of a refund of up to 700 Tr