You will need
  • - passport;
  • - constituent documents (for legal entities);
  • - money.
Visit the nearest branch of Sberbank. With them, you need to have a passport. The Bank offers to write an application for opening foreign currency account. To date, the optimal choice for individuals is to contribute to "Universal savings Bank of Russia". To open it you have to Deposit minimum amount of 10 Euro or 5 USD (or the equivalent in another foreign currency). Now you can enjoy the expense ofom, in effecting any payment transaction. On the balance of funds will be charged a percentage agreed between the parties.
In order to make purchases abroad or on foreign websites in a foreign currency, you can open the currency card. The available options are Visa Classic or Mastercard Standard. The cost of the first year of service 750 roubles, each subsequent year - 450 rubles. Convenience currency cards is that you can manage your savings anywhere in the world where data are serviced plastic cards. In addition, you can easily make online purchases on foreign websites.
If you represent a legal entity, to open a foreign currency accountin the savings Bank you will need to provide the following documents:
1.Application for opening account;
2.Notarized copies of constituent documents;
3.The certificate on the state registration;
4.A photocopy of a document confirming the inclusion of legal persons in EGRPO.
On the basis of these documents in the savings Bank will create a card with the stamp and signature of the Director and chief accountant of the company, and then open the currency account.
Foreign currency accountopened in Sberbank a natural person, is accompanied by a transit currency accountof om. Last you can use to receive payments from other individuals and companies. Specify the details for the transfer of the money in this account.