To put money in Bank today the most common method. Before to put money in the Bank, you need to choose which Bank and what contribution. Banks offer different types of deposits is Deposit, contribution, medical insurance, savings certificate, mutual funds and Deposit+PIF. Each contribution is special, has its pros and cons.

Let's start with Deposit. Deposit it is the most reliable form of contribution. Deposits are insured by the state. 100% guarantee profit, but yield slightly less than other deposits. Now you need to select the best contribution, and to determine at what time the. From the period will depend on the yield. Contributions can be made from 1 month. up to 3 years.
There is a minimum amount of Deposit opening. The higher the threshold, the higher the yield.
Contributions may be reloadable and non-reloadable. The amount of recharge also there is a limit. But with the advent of the Internet banks have to offer deposits through the Internet without any restrictions.

Interest can be calculated monthly, quarterly and at maturity.
Contributions may be capitalization of interest, i.e. the interest will be added to the contribution, and they too will get a share. Such interest is called compound interest. There is also the possibility of a withdrawal of interest is that the interest credited to a separate account. They can use or add to the Deposit if the condition of the Deposit.

Now on the annual percentage of the contribution.
To receive high interest rates will effect the amount of Deposit and term Deposit. In some banks the percent of contribution for 3 years above, than one year, and in others less. Banks are afraid of a large Deposit term, after three years everything can change.

There are still deposits such as consumable Deposit and demand Deposit.
The choice of contribution will affect your goal, what you really need from the contribution and how you are going to use.
Want to keep - put for the long term. Save up for a vacation or a purchase - put on shorter and more appropriate duration.
I think that the best contribution that replenished the contribution of 1 year with interest and 9% per annum. This contribution allows you to save money and get high income.
Would be better to open several deposits in different banks. In practice it is always the Bank is one of the best contributions, while others are less profitable. So it makes sense to find every Bank its advantages and to use them.

I do so, considering the offers of several banks and choose the Bank where they have the opportunity to receive good profit.
Short-term deposits opened in Sberbank Sberbank online, they have a higher interest rate and convenient service to make a Deposit from home.
For example, in one Bank I will open the contribution for one year with the highest percentage, it can not be replenished, and interest is charged at the end of the term. So I get a high income. Another Bank open replenished contribution and start on it to save money. The accumulation of and the end of the term of the Deposit money is passed on to contribution with more favorable terms.

Another way of leveraging the contribution is to open a Deposit in advance and set the initial amount, and at the first opportunity put it on all the free money. For example, I open the contribution for 6 months and now I get holiday pay. Need for this money yet, and I put them for three months on a prepared contribution. The percentage will be higher because my contribution has been open for 6 months, not 3 months, if I opened the contribution again. You can prepare several of these deposits and use them for profit.

Interest rates at banks are constantly changing. I constantly monitor the changes and looking for favorable for me conditions of the Deposit. If you have invested money for one year at 8.5% then I advise you to consider the proposals of other banks and if you will find contributions from 9.5% or more, then don't wait until the end of your contribution, and immediately open a new Deposit.
If you wait until the end of your contribution, and then pass the money on another contribution, there can be a change in interest rates, and you already miss your best contribution.
Therefore, open a new contribution, waiting for the end of the old contribution and shift the money.
Open, advance, Deposit for 3 years with a high percentage and when will remain until the end one year, put the money with other deposits, with a lower annual percentage. So you will receive a contribution for one year with high percentage.
So opening new and closing old deposits, I receive the most favorable interest rates. Be aware of existing deposits and use the deposits to the maximum benefit.

Still need to have a back-up contribution in any case. Maybe you urgently need money and not to lose interest with the major contributions for early closure of open contribution. I opened an account for one month and can withdraw money at any time, losing very little money. The contribution is automatically extended and it may lie for a whole year, but I have a reserve for unforeseen situations.

Deposits up to 700 thousand Rubles insured by the state, but it's not that you can sleep peacefully. Upon the occurrence of the insured event to the money immediately you do not get and while you wait for your money, the economic situation will change and you will get the money with a different weight. Therefore, it is better to err and a large amount of money to be divided and put in different banks. To withdraw large amount it will be easier and if one Bank will not be able to give money, others can give out without delay.

To summarize.
Open several deposits in different banks.
Be aware of existing deposits.
Put the money on Deposit.
The proper distribution of money will give you high income and protect your savings.