Kinds of term deposits in the savings Bank

In Sberbank there are two types of deposits - time and demand. To multiply the savings of depositors, it is expedient opening of term deposits.

The number of term deposits you can select the "Save", "Updates" and "Manage". Any of them can be opened in rubles, dollars and euros. On deposits at the holder's option may be exercised capitalization of interest, i.e., their adherence to the Deposit amount and charge them interest. But if desired, the depositor can withdraw the Deposit accruals - interest accrued each month. All term deposits are rolled over automatically.

The contribution "Save" you can open for a period from one month to three years. For this it is necessary to Deposit the amount of 1,000 rubles On Deposit "Keep" provides the maximum yield among all deposits of Sberbank to 7.76%. The rate depends on the time of Deposit opening Deposit amount (maximum set according to the contributions of over 2 million rubles) and capitalization of interest. It should be open, if in the near future you will not need the money in the account. Indeed, early termination of Deposit interest on it is accrued at the rate of 0.01% (or 2/3 of the interest rate during the Deposit period more than six months).

For those who want to save up for any major acquisition, there will come a contribution to "Improved". It allows you to regularly Deposit money into the account. Minimum opening Deposit - 3 months. The starting amount must be at least 1000 p. Interest rate on it is lower than the contribution of "Stay" by 0.5 p. p. and reaches the maximum value of 7.28%.

The contribution of "Control" allows you to use part of the Deposit within the minimum balance without losing interest. Contributions can also be replenished. The minimum amount to Deposit R. 1000 (by Bank transfer - any). The minimum Deposit amount is 30 thousand rubles, the Interest rate in this case is the lowest compared to other deposits. Its ultimate value is 6.68%.

All contributions can be access online and receive an increased rate on deposits.

The contribution of the "gift of life" allows not only to income from savings but also help to children with oncological, hematological and other diseases. Each quarter in the same Fund receives 0.3% per annum of the Deposit amount. This Deposit is opened for a year, interest is charged not monthly like on other term deposits, and every three months. The rate is established in the amount of 6.56%.

The types of foreign currency deposits in Sberbank

Those who would like to earn on fluctuations of the currency in Sberbank it is possible to open foreign currency deposits. They fall into the same category as ruble deposits. On deposits "Keep" maximum interest rate for dollars and euros is set in the amount of 2.33%, "Improved" up to 2.11%, and "Manage" up to 1.90%.

Deposit "Multicurrency" can be opened simultaneously in three currencies - dollars, euros and rubles. Time contribution amount from one year to two years. Interest rates are up to 6.21% in rubles and up to 1.78% in dollars and euros.

The contribution of the "international" allows you to receive income from exchange rate difference at the exotic currencies. The contribution opened for a period from one month to 3 years. The maximum rate amounts to 3.25% in GBP.