The interest paid on deposits of the savings Bank, vary depending on the term. The minimum rate is set by demand deposits - 0.1%. Low rates and has a savings account at 1.5 to 2.3%. They depend on the balance if it is less than 30 thousand rubles, the interest is charged at a minimum rate of more than 3 million rubles - at the maximum. But these contributions allow you to freely dispose of the funds at any time to Deposit and withdraw cash from the account.
For time deposits, restrictions on transactions with accounts, money they are placed on a strictly specified period of time - 3 months or more. Of course, the investor can withdraw money in advance, but then he did not earn on your account. The highest rate set on deposits "Save". It is impossible to replenish or withdraw money during the period of validity of the contribution. The maximum percentage it is set at 7.76 (minimum 4.4). It is only valid for deposits from 2 million rubles and for a maximum period of 3 years. At the request of the depositor shall be the capitalization of interest. It involves the addition of accrued interest to the contribution. But the interest can be paid to customer monthly.
Also, the Sberbank is a special contribution of the "gift of life", in which 0.3% of the amount of interest is transferred to the help to children with oncological and hematological diseases. The interest rate thereon, taking into account the capitalization established in the amount of 6.56%. The interest accrues every three months. The conditions for it are the same as for deposits "Stay" - any deposits and withdrawals from the account during the validity period.
The contributions of "Council" provided for the creation of savings. They allow the depositor to make the Deposit. The ruble interest rate ranges from 4.60 to 7.28%. The minimum amount for Deposit is 1000 p., in non-cash replenishment is not limited.
The greatest freedom of action for the depositor provides the contribution of "Control". It allows you to make transactions for depositing and withdrawing cash. But for this the investor will have to pay a lower interest rate. It is 4 to 6.68%, i.e., almost 1 PP less than the savings Deposit.
In addition to ruble-denominated Sberbank can be opened and foreign currency deposits. On such Deposit the interest rate will be significantly lower. Thus, the contribution of "Save" in dollars or Euro it will be 2.33%, "Improved" Is 2.11%, and "Manage" - 1.9%. In a multi-currency contribution, the depositor has the opportunity to earn additional income from currency fluctuations. The contribution suggests the presence of a component in rubles, dollars and euros. Interest rate of approximately 6.21 and 1.78, respectively.
"International" contribution involves opening an account at exotic for Russia's currency. In this case, you can choose the Deposit in Japanese yen at the rate of 2.25%, Swiss franc - to 2.5% or GBP - to 3.25%.