How to choose a Bank

The first thing to do is to choose a reliable Bank, then Deposit the most beneficial in its product line. When choosing a Bank it is important to note that he was the participant of system of insurance of contributions. Before joining the system, the banks are going through a serious vetting by the Central Bank. Even in the event of revocation of the Bank-the participant of system of insurance of deposits, the depositor kompensiruet 100% of the contribution to 700 thousand roubles. All banks participating in the Deposit insurance system presented on the website of the Deposit insurance Agency (DIA). To minimize these risks is to place funds in several banks.

As a rule, reliable and stable banks do not differ too high Bank interest. Ultrahigh interest at 12-13% per annum should alert investors. Probably, this is evidence of liquidity problems at credit institutions. Before you decide on Bank it is necessary to consider the average value of interest rates on deposits. This information can be found on the website of the CBR. In his recommendations, the rates on deposits should not deviate from the average level of 1.5%.

It is also necessary to analyze the financial statements of the Bank and dynamics of its key indicators.
Information about banks (ratings, financial statements) are available in the public domain - on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation or the Bank.
It is necessary to take into account the reputation of the Bank, study reviews about it from its customers, and also look at the feedback from the employees of the Bank and to assess the efficiency of problem solving contributors.

When choosing a Bank it is necessary to consider not only ordinary customers, but the ratings by the professional agencies. In particular, are very popular such rating Agency, as "Rus-Rating" and "Expert".

It is impossible not to take into account the experience of financial institutions in the market. In favor of the stability of the Bank is evidenced by the fact, how easy the company managed to survive the crisis. Large banks also have a developed branch network, its presence is further evidence of the stability of the financial organization.

How to choose a profitable contribution

The contribution of yield is directly dependent on the periodic rate of interest on it, but you cannot forget the tax of high interest rates.
If the interest rate under the Deposit above the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation by 5%, the income on such contributions are taxed at 35%.

The most profitable positions in interest rates open savings deposits, which do not entail withdrawal from or Deposit cash in the period of the Deposit. This is followed by savings deposits, which provide depositors the opportunity to add money to the account, thereby increasing the yield of the Deposit.

In third place are the calculated Deposit interest rate is on average 1.5% lower than the cumulative. But the investor you can Deposit and withdraw funds.

A higher yield guarantee deposits with interest capitalization. They are suitable for those investors who do not plan to lift interest rates. The more will be the capitalization, the higher guaranteed profit.