Bank card as a convenient "purse"

Bank card is a product that at any time allows you to make deposits and withdrawals of cash and transfer them to another person. To pay off the card faster and more convenient than cash. Versatility and compactness allows you to pay for purchases in retail outlets in Russia and abroad, the convenience and ease of use - make transfers and pay for mobile communication, utilities and other services through ATMs, kiosks and the Internet. Plastic cards are the same everywhere, only the conditions and tariffs are different (you can learn about them on Yandex or any other search engine). A complete map is better protected, as it has a chip, and e-cards-only a magnetic stripe. The card holder can fully dispose of his time without spending it in tedious queues in banks and post offices. You can not remove all the money at once, and use them as needed. On the card it is better to keep the minimum amount of partially replenishing it from the card account to have access to the cardholder's account number. To obtain money via ATM, it is desirable to connect the service "Mobile Bank", as when withdrawing money immediately comes SMS, and you can monitor the cash flow on mini-statement.
It is best to use ATM's that are inside a Bank or in a well protected area.

Advantages savings book

One way to preserve savings from inflation – properly dispose of those funds that you do not plan to use in the near future.
They are not only insured by the government, but also provide a guaranteed income.

To accumulate financial funds in the savings book, since the choice of the contribution, you can consider the choice of the term for which you plan to Deposit money and the Deposit amount. But for seniors, there are deposits with high interest rate. Deposits can be opened in multiple currencies: in rubles, dollars and euros. The interest rate depends on amount, term storage and the use of the money during storage. Deposit provides for monthly accrual and capitalization of interest, transfer of interest on any other Deposit or Bank card. In case of early termination of the contract - preferential terms, automatic renewal of the contract for a new term. Convenient to use this service as a "Green street": the owners of the deposits may make transactions (such as deposits and withdrawals), regardless of where the account was opened, that is, choose a structural unit is more convenient for them at the moment. Additional services: cancellation of funds, power of attorney and testamentary. On performed operations and to monitor changes in their accounts, generate statements, make transfers from account to account to make external payments, by connecting to the services via the Internet.

In fact, the card and the passbook is the same. Behind all this lies a Bank account, where the money is. Using the map it is much easier to spend money. And if you have a goal of saving money, it is better to put money on Deposit-a Deposit at a decent percentage. But the degree of protection of savings passbook while superior to plastic cards.