1. You need to choose a credit institution (Bank) that accepts deposits in favour of third party.
  2. To come to the office of the credit institution personally with your passport.
  3. To determine the contribution which is convenient for the parameters: interest rate, term, original amount, whether partial withdrawal, replenishment.
  4. To make a Deposit.

When selecting a credit organization should pay attention that when making a contribution in favor of a third person may need only a name of a third party, other credit organizations may additionally require the passport details or copy of the passport of a third party.

Contribution to the benefit of a third person may open in his or her minor child in this case, you may need the birth certificate of the child.

A third party in which the opening of the contribution, may or may not know about it. Easy is the opening of the Deposit if the client who opens a Deposit account, and a third person are in different cities and there is no other safer vozmojnosti to transfer the funds.