Land plots from the lands in municipal ownership may be granted to citizens and legal entities in the property for a fee. The administration does not have the right to refuse the sale of land except in certain cases of withdrawal of plots from the market, ban on the privatization and reserve for municipal purposes. The earth from the administration you can buy for building and other purposes.
The provision of land for construction may be effected with the prior approval of the location of the construction object or not. In the latter case, the provision of land is possible only through auction. It is as follows: work on the formation of the site, defines its permitted use, as it will be connected to networks engineering-technical maintenance, trades, issued by the Protocol and the contract of purchase and sale of land, property rights registered.
To buy the land, after agreeing the location of the construction object, as follows:1. Is the selection of a land plot is the corresponding statement to the administration.2. The administration informs the public and interested parties about what is going to provide the selected site for these purposes.3. Issued the act of choosing a land plot for construction.4. Decision on preliminary approval of the location of the construction.5. Carried out cadastral work is carried out cadastral registration.6. The decision on granting the land plot.7. The contract of purchase and sale of land with the property.8. The right of ownership to land shall be registered by the Federal Registration Service, FRS.
Physical and legal persons have the right to buy the land and not for construction. To do this, submit the corresponding application to the administration. It is necessary to specify the purpose of the land plot, its size and location. Administration approves and shall issue to the applicant the layout of the land. The applicant conducts cadastral works and puts the land plot cadastral registration. Administration within two weeks required to make a decision about selling the land to the applicant. After that, the contract of purchase and sale and register the ownership right.