You will need
  • - personal passport;
  • cadastral passport for the land plot;
  • - the permission of the district for the provision of a land share (an extract from the decision);
  • - receipt of payment of the fee;
  • - a document confirming the right to receive a land share free of charge;
  • - document on the organization of agriculture;
  • - excerpt and plan from land registry.
Land unit is a separate land plot allocated to the citizen in General land array. The presidential decree No. 213, dated 02.03.1992 g. establishes the range of potential participants in privatization. According to him, the right to a land share were employees of agricultural enterprises who have worked in them as of 01.01.1992 g, and also fired employees who left the agricultural enterprise due to its liquidation or downsizing.
In addition to the land share of eligible retirees living in rural areas and working in their time in agriculture, social workers who work on farms, the fellows of the economy, persons who temporarily do not work in farms but they can recover after their return, for example, military conscripts, etc.
Despite the fact that the land legislation provides for free privatization of land units, work on the preparation of documents and registration of ownership rights will still take a fairly large amount of money. For registration of the land unit need to collect the necessary documents and take them to the district administration.
Please note that land unit stands out not as a single plot of property, and as property to share with other participants. And to register the land share for a need to go through a procedure regulated by Law "On turnover of land plots of agricultural purpose".
In addition, although the land share free of charge, citizens in possession of them should pay for cadastral works and to pay annual taxes on the property. Its amount depends on the tax rates and the size of the plot. The land share can inherit relatives after the death of the owner with a notarized Testament in their name.