Determine the area of Moscow suburbswhere you would like to buy a plot of land, including transport routes, which can be reached.
Go to the relevant websites and collect detailed information on whether there are suitable sites. Note the approximate value of land, in various communications, water bodies, harmful to health enterprises, etc.
Take a trip to the selected area, go to your local authorities and ask whether the sale of the land plots for construction of houses. We will consider the proposals of the administration and, if there are suitable objects for you, find out conditions of sale of land and the cost of the transaction. Apply for purchase of the chosen site.
Prepare documents, observing all the legal niceties, be sure to check before buying if this site encumbrances, or any restrictions on the realization of construction works.
Ask local residents whether selling a house with land, if in the administration you anything suitable is not offered or you decided not to buy just a plot of land and a house that can be demolished to build your. Such a solution will simplify the task, as the house will already be connected to communications. But if you like to work the land, then you are not good done by the previous owners planting, fruit trees, etc.
Let's consider several sites, because the purchase of land is a serious purchase and to buy the first is not necessary. Check host availability of all necessary documents confirming the ownership of the house and land. Get ready for that about two months you will have to spend on gathering the necessary information and evidence.
Let's make a deal sale. Register your ownership of the house in the chamber. Get a new cadastral number of the land that was assigned to him under the contract of purchase and sale.