You will need
  • - the cadastral passport of the land plot; - knowledge of categories of land.
You have decided to buy the land. First of all, you must have an accurate understanding of why you need one, how are you going to use it. The fact is that in Russia all land has a certain purpose, so before buying you should carefully review the cadastral passport of the land and see the land what category it belongs to.
If you want to build a house, you need a plot of land for individual housing construction. Remember that on earth such purpose you are required to build a house, otherwise the area you have, theoretically, can even be deleted.
Acquisition of land for private farming gives you more options – you can something on it to grow the construction of houses do not have. But the land must not be empty, you have to do it some economic activity.
Since then, as the citizens of Russia were allowed to register in country houses, very popular steel and plots. On this earth you can grow, you have the opportunity to build a house and register it.
The same applies to a garden plot: you can build a house on it and to register it, provided that the site is located within the settlement. You may have to prove that the house is suitable for living. But on the plots is forbidden to erect any permanent structures, it is intended solely for the cultivation of agricultural products.
Note that if the acquired land in floodplains, that is, close to the river (50 metres) or the sea (500 meters). To build a house in this area, but must comply with all requirements for prevention of pollution by sewage and garbage.
Sometimes people acquire two adjacent land, wanting to merge them into one. In this case, carefully review whether both sites in the same category of land – otherwise, merge them will fail or need to translate one of the sites in another category that involves a waste of time, money and nerves.
Buying the plot, read it through to the cadastral passport of the boundaries of the site must be accurately indicated with respect to those or other landmarks. If the site plan is not, from the acquisition of such land should be abandoned. Such situations often occur in suburban areas, which, after the announcement of "dacha Amnesty", it has become possible to sell under the simplified scheme. If you liked a similar plot, will offer its owner to obtaining a cadastral passport for all the rules and only then make the purchase.