Physical and legal persons have the right for a fee to buy the land from the state except for the land plots withdrawn or limited in circulation, reserved for state needs or with the ban on privatization. The sellers of land are state and municipal bodies having the right of granting the land plots in property.
Physical and legal persons in the ownership of the building or structure, shall have the right to privatize a plot of land for its operation. It is necessary to collect documents for this building and the building and land, to write a statement on privatization and submit it all to the authorized state or municipal authority. Necessary documents for privatization include the identity documents of the citizen or constituent documents of the legal entity, the documents on land rights, documents of title to the building, the cadastral passport of the land plot (if the land registered in cadastre). In some cases, you may need other documents. Privatization - the procedure is very short: the decision on granting the land plot in property made within 14 days. Then it only remains to register the transfer within the building. Privatization should hurry before the onset of 2012, because in the future prices for the purchase of land so you can grow. So far, neither quite humane: 20% of the cadastral value of the plot located in a city with a population of over 3 million people, 2.5% of the cadastral value of land in any other location.
Land for construction is provided without prior approval of the location of the construction project, bidding, auction or contest. Before bidding work on formation of the land, it is the cadastral account and set usage allowed. Then identify the technical conditions of connection of future buildings to utilities. The decision of the bidding, tender or auction. After their meeting, a Protocol of bidding, competition or auction, which is the basis for the contract of sale of a land plot and state registration of ownership rights a buyer for it.
To buy the land and for the purposes not connected with construction. You must submit an application to the authorized body on granting the land plot in property. The statement shall also state the purpose of using the site, its proposed dimensions and location. The competent authority shall issue to the applicant the layout of the land plot on the cadastral plan. After that, the applicant carries out cadastral work and puts the area on the state cadastral account. The authorized body makes the decision on granting the land plot in the property, then sign a contract of sale and registers the transfer of ownership.