In order to find his cat friend to knit, you can talk with friends who are cats. If your cat is purebred, you should contact the club of fans of cats, which are in almost every city. You can also view the ads in the newspaper in the category "Animals". If you do not get to find the right ad, you can give out your. Finding a feline friend you can be useful the Internet.
как развязать кобеля
The most important rule that you should know the owners of animals mating cat always bring home a cat. This is to ensure that the cat didn't take the catas invaders to their territory.
смотреть комедия где опоздал к дележу усадьбу разнесли собака
With a cat in the house cat you need to bring her the tray with a filler, bowls and familiar food.
как называть бойцовскую собаку кабеля
For mating in the apartment it is best to allocate a separate room, with all of her feline attributes. Explain to the household that in this period the animals better not to bother.
Как видят коты
If the cat is still not untied and sees cat for the first time, you should have patience. Besides, the cat itself must adapt to new conditions.
В каком возрасте лучше кастрировать кота
For the first time, there are clashes between animals, up to fights. This is a normal phenomenon, because animals need to adapt. Typically, this period lasts two or three days, after which the cat and the cat needs another 2-3 days to successful mating. Therefore, the first mating it is best to plan at the beginning of estrus cats.
There are times when cat do not take each other for six days mating occurs. In this case specialists suggest to bring the cat to another cat - it is possible that the next candidate will have his heart.
The owners of the cat should know that if binding is successful, owners of cats shall pay a predetermined amount, or in the future give one kitten on the choice of the owners of the cat.