Advice 1: How to knit British

British Shorthair are one of the most popular breeds of cats among breeders in Russia. To preserve the purity of the population mating (mating) of the British owners are advised to observe certain rules adopted in the environment of breeders.
How to knit British
British cats breed only with cats of the same breed (and Vice versa). Note that interbreed mating for the British prohibited the international standards for breeders of purebred animals. Otherwise, the litter will not be able to pedigree and will not be recognized by the British.
Do not select mating inbreeding (inbreeding), that is, not knit British cats, consisting of closely related links. It is fraught with kittens born with physiological abnormalities. Inbreeding is allowed only if there is an outstanding manufacturer in the family of a British and serious breeding work to improve the breed. If there are no goals, pick up for mating your cat or cats an outside partner of the same breed.
If you want to get a litter of kittens of a certain color as a result of mating, carefully study the pedigrees of your cat (cats) and the alleged partner (partner). So, in Russia the most popular are British blue. They can be knit with cats of similar colors (the litter will be blue), chocolate brown (for the black offspring), cream color (the kittens will be either cream or blue cream).
Give the cat or cat of the British breed for first mating at the age of about one year. Before crossing pet, visit the vet with him or the club to which he belongs, the British, take advice on the binding and ensure that no genetic defects in your pet.
Pick a partner (partner) to knit on their own or with the help of professional breeders near you club of the British cats. Make sure you have all the necessary vaccination of cat (cats), which will be used for crossbreeding. Note that for enabling completion of the process may require more than one day, especially if one of the partners involved in the pairing for the first time. Keep the virgin of the cat and the cat, it will be difficult to find a common language.

Advice 2: Where and how to find cat mating cats

Your favorite year old, she's behind the first estrus without mating, and the cat is worried again and asks for a meeting with the cat. You decide that her request to perform. Where and how to look for the cat for mating depends on the breed.
Where and how to find cat mating cats

If your cat is a purebred

Your favorite high breed has a pedigree and permission to mate. Also she must have all vaccinations by age. For directions on binding, required to be movable grades, which you can get at any cat show. At least need to get two estimates. Cat for first mating is sufficient to obtain marks not lower than "very good".

If her grades in the Junior class, they apply to one binding for one year, CAC in the open class - two years, obtained the title certificate is valid always.

After all documents are collected, you can begin to search for a partner. First of all, it is necessary to contact the club where the cat is. If you are unable to help, have searching to do on their own.

It can be announcements at exhibitions, in Newspapers, at special sites. When the independent search it is important to consider the following points:

Carefully study the documents and pedigrees. Make sure that no blissology ties. If you find the relationship at the level of the foremothers and the preprocedural, consult with an experienced felinologist whether the tying conduct and what breed type will be the offspring. If the connection on a more intimate level from a mating should be abandoned, since the probability of giving birth to weak and underdeveloped kittens.

Partner must be completely healthy. Check out veterinary passport with vaccines. They should be done not more than a year ago. Note the appearance of the animal. He should be cheerful, coat ─ glossy, and his nose was watery and cool.

Keep in mind the experience of the partner. If your cat is chosen cat is not launched, most likely they will fail. Better if one of the partners already have experience.

If you ─ the owner of a white cat, in any case, do not select the cat of white color. The gene for white color is very much associated with the gene of deafness. If both parents are white, the probability of occurrence of the deaf kittens is very high.

Choose a partner for mating, looks similar to your cat. Do not try to do the opposite. After the partner is selected, will get the club direction for mating and agree with the owner of the cat.

If the cat is domestic breed

Find the cat in this case is much easier. First of all, ask around friends. Surely, someone has a cat who is not averse to receive the guest. There are so many advertisements in Newspapers and on various websites. Find the cat cat will not be a problem.

Unlike the mating of purebred animals, it can be done absolutely for free. But before you make this important step, ask yourself the question, why do you need it? The health of the cat labor is not added.

To play with the kittens? And you sure you will be able to give a good, reliable hands? Even pedigreed cats is not always possible to attach. While normal kittens much less chances. Are you willing to give kittens in unfamiliar hands, not knowing what fate awaits them?

If you love cats and kittens ─ do not skimp and get a cat with a pedigree. And if it so happens that your favorite does not have the appropriate documents, it is not necessary to torture her themselves and future cubs. Sterilize. This process is completely harmless to the health of the cat, and get rid of many problems.
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