Guided in the selection of games primarily on the views of the child – since he is the birthday boy, he has every right to choose the games themselves. Ask your child what games he'd like to see on your holiday, and consider whether they are relevant and interesting. You can also offer your child a list of games and together choose the best.
During the holiday watch out for celebrating children – this will help you to identify that children don't like a game or a contest, and they have a bad mood. If you notice this – give the children another game that will cheer them up.
Take care to pre-order every game that you have enough props, and you need to know the rules of each game.
Don't forget that for a children's party, each guest should get maximum pleasure and leave in a good mood – so your games should not be winning or losing. All guests receive prizes for participating in games and contests such as toys, books, sweets, fruits and more.
Fascinating may be the joint children play in catching the ball. For this game, guests should stand in a circle and reckoning. The latest in a score the player stands in the center of the circle and takes the ball. Children must remember their numbers.
The player throws the ball, calling out the room, and the child with that number must catch the ball and throw it to the next room. If the ball is passed, the player who caught it, got to stand in the center of the circle.
Also the ball can be thrown at the target, marked on the paper, and put all the guests points for hits.
Inflate a lot of balloons and scatter them around the room. Turn up the music and invite the children to pop the balloons by sitting on them until the music ends.
There are many interesting and fun games that will entertain your child and his friends – some of them are ideal for your holiday.