You will need
  • - camera the iPhone;
  • utility Backgrounder;
  • - a computer to sync with the phone.
This program can be installed from Sydia. Open it, type in the search box the word Backgrounder. This utility is completely free.
You can also download it to a computer via the Internet. To do this, place the installer in the folder where it will be installed. In any case, do not move the folder: iPhone on the next sync, will not be able to identify the location of the program.
Connect your mobile device to your computer, then sync using iTunes. Load the iPhone in manual mode. After it is loaded into the phone do not look for the icon among the other icons. Backgrounder does not have an interface, and therefore its presence does not mean. To verify that the downloaded product open any app.
To minimize the window, open program, click on the Home button and hold it about 3 seconds. On the screen you will see a message like Backgrounder enabled (utility running). Can run any app and try to minimize the window.
To expand the window programs running in the background, also hold the Home button for 3-4 seconds. Then on the screen a message will appear slightly different as follows: Backgrounder disabled (utility stopped).