To get started, go to start and open control Panel . Go to "Network and network connections . Of the available connections, select PPPoE connection and open its properties.
In the connection properties, open the settings, and uncheck the checkbox beside "Prompt for name and password . Click OK , and then right click on the connection and click Create shortcut .
Open the C: \ drive under "Documents and Settings the startup folder and put the shortcut connection. When the operating system Internet connection turns on automatically.
You can also open the "Start menu tab "All programs , then open accessories , then Tools and go to "scheduled tasks . Select "Add scheduled task and set it as your shortcut to a network connection.
Check the paragraph "When the computer starts , click Next and OK . This action will also start your connection every time you start the system.
To ensure seamless communication, open again the section of the network connections in control panel and go to the properties of the created connection.
Open the parameters tab and check "Redial if disconnected . Click OK to confirm the changes. This will allow the Internet to recover quickly in the event of a disconnection.