You will need
  • - iPod;
  • - Bluetooth;
  • a laptop or computer with Wi - Fi.
Before you connect the Internet to the iPod via Bluetooth, make sure that the connection works connection. In the iPod menu, select the path "Settings" - "General" - "Bluetooth". Include a link. Connecting the gadget to the Internet automatically.
Подключите3G the Internet to the iPod with a mobile operator. Open the menu and select "Settings". Enter the "Cellular data" and make sure mode is enabled. At the same time disconnect the connection in the roaming for savings.
Enter "APN Settings" data from your cellular operator, but the pre-view them in the user settings. Reset iPod after the introduction of the settings and save all data. For a comfortable Internet connection, use the Safari browser.
Connect the Internet to the iPod, making the laptop with built-in Wi-Fi access point to the network. If you are setting up Internet for the first time, start with with connect laptop. To start off the protection on the computer.
In control panel select "Network connections", then click on "Wireless network connection". In paragraph "Related tasks" edit additional parameters by adding the item "Wireless networks".
Complete the tab "Connection" and "Connection". Enter a share name, allow the connection, set direct connection "Computer-computer". In the tab "Security" check open authentication.
Specify the 11-character key, after removing the tick from the automatic provision of the key. Confirm the entered key. Select the WEP encryption. In the tab Connection allow the connection if the network is in range.
Go back to network connections and select the connection you want to connect your laptop to the Internet. In the "Properties" select "Advanced" and enable the connection of other network users.
After completed operations, the time has come to connect the Internet to the iPod. Enable in "Settings" Wi-Fi, wait for the search network and select it. Enter the password and click "Join". Log in to the advanced connection properties and enter the missing configuration, and then use the Internet.