You will need
  • A computer running the Windows operating system (XP, Windows 7), basic skills on work with computer
Manage settings the sleep mode is performed in menu "power Management" in the "control Panel". In order to access this menu, press the "start" button and select "control Panel" (in Windows XP it is located in the "Settings" tab). Hover over it and click the left mouse button or press Enter on the keyboard.
In control Panel, click power options. In Windows 7 it is in the category "System and security".
Menu the power supply, locate the "setting sleep mode" and activate it. In the window that will appear two lines. Top called "display" and the lower "Sleep mode". In these lines is chosen the time system inactivity after which activates the corresponding mode. To disable click the left mouse button in the popup list, select "Never". After that the computer will no longer automatically go into standby mode.
In some cases you need to change the actions that are executed when you press the power button, especially for laptops. To do this, select "Manage power buttons" and in the row select the action select "Shutdown" instead of "Sleep".