In order to correctly make the biography in free style, you must know which items it should contain.
The description of his biography should start with the date and place of his own birth.
Then specify details about your parents: names, dates of birth, places of work. If you live separately from your parents, you should specify where they live in the moment. If you have brothers or sisters, be sure to mention about them (name, social status or place of work).
Next, go to the information about education. Decided to start from school, it is advisable to mention mugs and sections you've visited. You can also talk about their achievements in Olympiads and competitions.
After school should tell you about the school that you graduated from. Do not forget to specify the specialty and profession. If you actively participated in student life, not the superfluous will tell about it.
For men individual item is in the army. Usually include years of service, place of service and rank.
The following is a description of the career. It should start with the very first company you got a job. Be sure to specify the position, your professional responsibilities, your career goals. If during the period of work your work was highlighted, and mention about it.
To end a biography need information about your family. In addition to the names of the wife/husband and children, do not forget to indicate their profession or social status, and age.
Remember that the autobiography differs from a summary more free and full style, therefore to write it more creatively. You have the right not to tell us about children born out of wedlock, criminal records and other questionable facts of his biography. Also, be aware that the information in the biography should be reliable, as it can check.