Advice 1: How to describe your professional image

When searching for a new job, applicant must be a competent summary. In addition to listings of places of study and work, you will need to describe your professional image. It consists of several components: the professional achievements, professional experience and additional skills.
How to describe your professional image
Please describe your key skills. Start with the submission of the business in the best deal and consider themselves qualified. Indicate why you consider yourself an expert in this field. Do not include in this section of their functional responsibilities from previous jobs and do not supply your personal qualities. Professional achievements, they should look like product description with all the useful properties.At the end of this section in detail shall describe their main achievements that will be most important to that particular employer. This can be the benefit of the company, expressed in numbers: increasing sales by a certain percentage or a reduction of expenditures by a specific amount. To create the desired impression on a potential employer with concrete facts, they will confirm your desire to bring the organization financial benefits.
The following paragraph will description of professional experience. Here shall describe in detail their working career, start with your most recent job. In addition to profile organisations and his previous posts, this item must be detailed accomplishments for each job. If there was career growth within any company, it is also worth mentioning. If you have little experience, do the descriptions focus on a good theoretical training in the field of the alleged duties.At the end of each of your previous jobs, specify the reasons for the transition to another organization. Here call such reasons as change of scope, lack of professional growth, etc. in Any case do not write about situations of conflict with the leadership or with the team, and also the fact that you chronically did not perform too high plans. This will affect the opinion about you.
More about your professional imagee should list your computer skills, foreign languages. Under additional information, specify the presence of the passport, open a visa, the possibility of long trips and the availability of the vehicle you are ready to use for business purposes.
The last finishing touch are the descriptions of personal qualities and your interests outside of work. Do not write about the standard qualities like interpersonal skills and stress resistance. Enter your real advantages: the patience, the ability to smooth out conflicts, pedantry, etc., depending on which of them will remain a priority for this position. And the description of their interests, mention those that characterize you as a wayvannogo and erudite man.

Advice 2 : How to write a description of yourself

With the need to write a description of yourself is faced at least once in the life of every person. Most often this need arises when practicing psychology. How to describe yourself more fully? Of course, you can try to tell you about their appearance. Maybe about his biography. But you can do it much more precisely.
How to write a description of yourself
Start writing a description of yourself with the appearance. The color and hair length, eye color, body type – all these will help to present your image to the person who you had not previously seen. But, of course, the description of the person's appearance is not very accurate. In most books some characters are described exclusively from the outside, and therefore each reader formed a different image of the characters. However, a much better and more accurately describes people not appearance and character and behavior.
After completing the portrait in appearance go to the description of his character. Describe own interests, preferences in different fields. For example, what kind of music you like, what books prefer movies that you liked lately.
• Think about what you like and what you are, on the contrary, avoid.
• What characteristics in people you are attracted to, and what behavior is off-putting.
• Describe your ideals: what you seek, what you want to achieve, what or how do you see yourself in a few years.
All this helps to create your individual and unique image to write a description of yourself and make it more interesting and rich.
There is a third, deeper level to write a description of yourself. It is to formulate their own arguments on certain events taking place around us and to Express their attitude to them. However, be careful here. As suggested must be your own and based on personal judgment, not thoughts, taken from various sources. However, expressing the thoughts of others, you also describe yourself. But this description definitely will not adorn, if somebody accuses you of this. Each text bears the imprint of its author, and an experienced psychologist may describe a person by his manner of narration.

Advice 3 : What is personal qualities

Personal qualities affecting all aspects of human life, beginning with his professional preferences and subtleties of communication with others and ending with the interior design and choice of clothes.
What is personal qualities

Personality is innate or acquired features of human nature. Some may change throughout life, especially under the influence of society, others remain unchanged. Among psychologists it is widely believed that many personal qualities are formed in the first five years of life, and only subsequently, they are adjusted.

To innate personal qualities can be attributed different character traits. For example, biographical profile attribute to him a level of intelligence, especially perception and memory, talent for music, drawing, etc., as well as the fundamental characteristics of temperament.

Jung had similar opinions in this matter and divided all people into eight major types according to their personality: extroverts and introverts share on feeling, sensing, intuitive and rational. This approach was taken into account when creating the test Myers-Briggs which is based on four dimensions: introversion – extravertebral, awareness – intuition, judgment – feelings, thoughts – feelings.

Special mention deserves the choice of profession in certain personal qualities. According to psychologists, a person who is unsuitable for a particular job nature, will not achieve her success. Moreover, each profession has its desirable and undesirable personal qualities that are also important to consider.

For example, a successful entrepreneur needs to possess qualities such as independence, hard work, adequacy of self-esteem, responsibility, courage, initiative, interpersonal skills, reliability, ability to handle stress. At the same time, it should not be inherent aggressiveness, being indiscreet, self-doubt. The teacher needs to be observant, exacting, tactful, balanced, attentive, able to explain material, but not withdrawn, prone to aggression, non-punctual, irresponsible.

Advice 4 : What qualities to show in my CV

Summary is a kind of business card of the person who applies for a certain position. From it, the employer must find out all the information about the candidate. How better to present themselves, to be allocated from a large number of competitors applying for the same position? According to statistics, one of the important factors that influence the choice of the employee, are referred to in summary personal qualities.
What qualities to show in my CV

What should I include in "about yourself"? What qualities are required?

In addition to the basic standard information about age, education, and other things, in summary it is necessary to tell about itself. This paragraph should indicate their personal qualities.
Of how well and correctly you will be able to present yourself using a resume, depends on the likelihood of the decision of the head to take you to work. The better you present, the higher the percentage.

Most people when drafting your CV it is hard to answer the question about what to write, so often they are just reckless miss the point. This should not be done, as it is information about your personal qualities can play a quite important and even decisive role.

Definitely worth to specify the number of mandatory qualities of what should have good. For example, it may be qualities such as:
- responsibility;
- discipline;
- high performance;
- good communication skills;
- diligence.
Important are personal qualities such as adequate attitude to criticism and the ability to compromise.

However, remember that when writing your CV do not specify all the positive qualities that may come to mind. Need to distinguish only a few basic. In this case, your task is to disclose the summary information about yourself so that the employer singled you out from the total mass of potential employees. If you wish, you can present your positive qualities in a more original form. However, it is important not to overdo it.

Specify only those personality traits which match you actually. If some of the qualities may not ascribe to themselves, it is better to remain silent. Otherwise, the employer will be able to accuse you that your information is untrue.

Additional quality

In addition to all these qualities can be included in a list of some unusual but eye-catching and important features. These include such qualities as:
- initiative;
- creativity;
- legkoobratimy;
- mobility;
- purposefulness;
- ability to handle stress.

With this list, your resume will have greater chances of success of the presentation of you as a potential employee.

Advice 5 : How to describe your character

Character is the traits of human personality that define its behavior, actions and thoughts. Sometimes it is very difficult to give an adequate description of nature, since in this case it is quite difficult to remain objective.
People have a subjective opinion about yourself. Unconsciously or consciously everyone exaggerates or understates the quality of his character. It is therefore very important to tune in to objectivity, to look at ourselves, to imagine that you describes an observer who needs to give you adequate and honest assessment.
One of the defining properties of nature considered to be relevant to other people, it is necessary to begin the description. Think about how you treat others? Do you tend to indifference to what is happening in their lives, and maybe, on the contrary, you are too sensitive to events that you almost do not touch. Do you people useful or useless as you treat your friends and enemies? What happens in your family, how close is your relationship with relatives? All this information allows you to more or less objectively assess this part of your character.
Attitude to work and labour is the second important character trait. Imagine that you see him at work. Ask yourself how much you love the work, how much to work, do you prefer a sedentary job or one where you have to move a lot? Whether you love the process, or it is only a way of earning money. How comfortable do you feel in the role of a subordinate or boss? Are you ready to take responsibility for their work or think that nothing depends on you? The answers to these and other related questions will allow you to assess the relevant traits of your character.
Next you need to describe your attitude to things. Think of how gently you treat the items, whether jewelry, cherish the gifts. Describe in detail how important in your life play things.
Only then you can move on to the description of those traits that say about your inner world. After answering the previous questions you already should have a fairly objective idea of what kind of person you are. Now you can give yourself a rating. Ask yourself whether you can call yourself good-natured or angry, forgiving or vindictive, how religious you are, how to treat the opposite sex as you romantic, devoted, faithful, required. Don't be afraid of "negative" responses to their questions, obtain a full objective understanding of your personality will do you only good, will help in greater extent to understand ourselves.
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