You will need
  • Microsoft Office 2010.
If there is an unexpected exit of office apps included in Microsoft Office Suite version 2010, then wait until the task pane "document Recovery". In this area it is possible to save up to three files, recovery which can be performed by the user.
Open the link with an arrowhead symbol, located next to the document in the window of the restore, and specify the desired action:- "Open" - to view the latest version of the document;- Save as - to change the name or version of the desired file; - Remove - cleaning the recovered documents.Save the recovered document.
If you accidentally close the document by the user without saving, call the main menu by pressing the "start" button and navigate to "All programs." Expand Microsoft Office 2010 and run the application where you created the private file.
Open the menu "File" the service window panel for the selected application, and then click "Recent files". Specify the paragraph:- "Recover unsaved documents" - files created in Word;- "Recover unsaved workbooks" for files created in Excel;- "Recover unsaved presentations" - for files created in PowerPoint.
Find you want to restore a document in the directory dialog that appears, and click "Open". Save the recovered file using "Save as" upper service panel of Windows office applications.
An alternative method is to create a new document in the desired office application. Then open the menu "File" and select "Information". Click the "Manage versions" and select one of the above commands in accordance with the used application. Browse for the document in the directory and click "Open". Save the recovered file.