Restore the last version accidentally closed without saving the document. To do this, access the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs." Open link in Microsoft Office and start Word.
Click "File" upper service panel of the application window and click the "Recent files". Click "Recover unsaved documents" and select the desired file in the dialog box. Click "Save as" in the upper service panel of the program window to save the recovered document.
Use this alternative method to recover unsaved Word document. To do this, open the menu "File" upper service panel of the Word window and select "Details". Click the "Manage versions" and select the link "Recover unsaved documents".Specify the desired file in the dialog box and save the recovered document.
Please note that if the file was closed without saving, Word still creates a temporary file. If it is impossible to use the above algorithms of actions, these temporary copies are still available to the user. To do this, return to the main menu "start" and select "All programs." Open the link to "Standard" and run the application "Windows Explorer".
Navigate to:drive:Documents and SettingsApplication Settingsимя_пользователяLocal DataMicrosoftOfficeUnsavedFiles (for Windows XP) iljimae:Usersимя_пользователяAppDataLocalmicrosoftofficeunsavedfiles (for Windows 7 and Vista). Expand the folder UnsavedFiles and find recoverable file. Save the document to the second is not to lose it.