You will need
  • Software Microsoft Excel 2010.
In recent versions it has become possible to recover a lost document from any copies stored in the system files using the equation editor. It is necessary to assign a couple of options in the settings: "auto save every... minutes" and "keep the last version". After you select the number of minutes after which you want to save the document, press Enter to close the window.
If these actions were performed by you prior to the loss of the file you want to recover the document when you restart the program. In the main window, running utilities vklade go to "File" and click "Recent files". Click the left mouse button on the link "Recover unsaved book".
In the opened window you will see the contents of the directory with the drafts saved until this moment. Select one of the recent files and click the Open button. Now left click Ctrl + S or click "Save as" on the top bar.
Also, this file can be opened in another way. In the main program window click Open and run any file. Then go to the File tab and click Info.
Click "Manage versions" and then click "Recover unsaved workbooks". From the list, select one of the recent files and click "Open".
Lost, the file can always be found in one of the following ways: C:\Users\_имя_учетной_записи_пользователя_\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles (for Windows Vista and Windows 7) and
C:\Documents and Settings\_имя_учетной_записи_пользователя_\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles.
It is worth noting that the temporary files stored in these directories is not more than 4 days, so you need time to restore them or copy to another directory.