Restore lost documents that you have created using the software package Microsoft Office. For example, create a new document in Microsoft Word, then click the File tab and go to "Settings". Click on "Save" and see what folder the program saves draft versions of documents. If the function AutoSave is enabled, you will likely be able to recover the lost documents. Otherwise, activate the AutoSave in order to avoid such problems.
Select "Open" in menu "File". Navigate to the folder where are the saved draft versions of documents, and choose from them, focusing on the date of loss of the file. Specify the option "Open and repair" in the proposed action, then the program will open the last saved version of the document. You can also open the folder with the drafts directly from the system and to open with the correct program need version.
Try to restore themselves Microsoft Office programs, if they were removed for some reason. Go to the system menu "start" then "All programs" - "system tools" and select "system Restore". Follow the on-screen instructions, select the necessary restore point when the program Office was on the computer and successfully run. Click "Next" and wait while the system restore. After this the computer will reboot, and the system will report the successful completion of the procedure. This way you will be able to restore themselves as the deleted program and lost documents.
Run a system check for viruses. Some of them removed various programs including office, as well as custom documents. Clean the system from viruses, to avoid further similar problems.