Locate the backup file which could be created by Word. Click "start" on the desktop, then select "Search". Type *.WBK in the search box, press Enter and review the results of found files.
Use the AutoRecover feature in Word. Open menu "File" and select "Open". Look in the folder the file that you want to restore, and if you did, click on the "Open and repair".
Try searching for files that could have been left on the hard disc during the AutoSave in a different place or in a different format. Click "start" on the desktop and select "Search". Enter the search string *.ASD, press Enter and scroll down the list of found results.
Locate the files that could be stored as temporary. Using "start menu" and using the "Search" function to look for a documents with a mask *.TMP. This is the format of temporary files that can be opened with the corresponding program text editor.
Go to "Cart" and see if there are any files that can be deleted by the system. On the desktop, click on the "Trash" icon. Select "Preview" and the option "Arrange icons". Select "By date" in order to quickly locate any files that may have been placed here over the next few days.