Advice 1: How to recover a document that was not saved

When working at the computer from surprises no one is immune. The computer may unexpectedly shut down or start reloading. The reasons can vary: power outage, accidental button press shutdown or restart, and others. Documentswith which you worked, in this case not saved. But you can restore them. Show how it is done in Microsoft Office Word.
How to recover a document that was not saved
Open Microsoft Office Word.
On the left you will see a window "Recovery documents" signed "Word has recovered the following files. Save required". You will be offered the available files.
Click on the file you want.
Save it in case of need.
The function "document recovery" in case of emergency closure is only in recent versions of Microsoft Office starting with Office 2003.
Useful advice
Recommend that you reduce the AutoSave interval in the document. Go to "Tools", click "Options", select "Save". The default is to AutoSave every 10 minutes. Set the desired time interval for autosaving.

Advice 2 : How to recover Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word are often created important documents – educational, work and other files, the loss of which could seriously harm the activities of the user. However, sometimes unsaved documents are lost after an unexpected power outage, a failure in a computer system, program errors and other events – and in this case the document has to be restored. In Microsoft Word there are several simple ways to restore documents.
How to recover Microsoft Word
If you are working with a text file that is stored on a removable device, plug in automatically create a local copy of a document that is located remotely and stored, respectively in the remote mode. To do this, open the main menu of Word and select "Word Options".
Select the "Advanced" tab and scroll to "Save". Near line Copy deleted files on the computer and update them when saving" check.
If your file is on a hard drive, not on a network or on removable media, you can configure the program to maintain the backup automatically. If you accidentally unplug the computer or the program fails, it will run auto recovery of a document from a backup.
To configure auto saving go to the main menu of Word and then open the "Word Options". As in the above case, find it in "Advanced" section of "Save" and next line "Always create backup copy" check, if it's still not worth it.
To access the backup if it doesn't open automatically, click on "File" -> "Open" and then in "files of Type" select "All files". In the folder where your document is located, and its backup, which are stored in the format wbk. Set up the display of folders in the table view and select the desired file among the type "copy Word".
In case of damage of the file when open it in the usual way impossible to reset – run program and in menu "File" select "Open" and then in Explorer click on the desired document. To the right of the open button click on the arrow and select the subcategory "Open and repair". Press Enter.
You can also open the corrupt file in another program – for example, in HTML or txt file format. In this case, you will lose all formatting, but the text will be saved.
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