You will need
  • - documents confirming the identity of the Trustor and the trusted.
Select notary services "call notary on the house." Call the office and make an application for the provision of notary services at home. Check with the operator of the telephone line the list of documents required for registration of power of attorney, the service cost and payment procedure. Find out whether there is a need for early provision of documents to the Secretary of the notary to validate them.
On arrival, the notary present to him the passports. For registration of power of attorney let him know what institutions, and what powers will be able to carry out the representative on behalf of the principal. Specify the period of validity of power of attorney according to the Civil code it is for a term of not more than three years. If the period is not specified, it is valid for a year.
The power of attorney is written by hand on the letterhead, below are the details of the trusting and trusted, and date the power of attorney. It is noteworthy that without this date, the document will not have legal force. You can at any time revoke the power of attorney, as your representative to renounce delegated powers. To present this document Trustee shall only authentic version.