You will need
  • - complete the form of proxy;
  • to certify the document.
Ask your future representative exact information about it. If we are talking about an individual, you will need his full name, passport data, address of residence (registration). If you are going to trust getting money for a legal entity, find its exact name, data on its state registration, INN, legal and actual address, and if the foreign organization is also information about accreditation.
Make a power of attorney in accordance with the sample. To write a document on a sheet of plain paper or print on the printer. If you need to certify the document notarially ready, the power of attorney you get a public notary. The power of attorney to receive money from the Bank of Deposit can be issued directly in the Bank – in this case, the form of the established form or sample of filling of the document you will also receive on the spot.
Be sure to specify in the text of the proxy date in words and the place of registration of the document, otherwise the document will be invalidated.
Write detailed information about yourself: name, address of residence, passport data. If you are a representative of a legal entity, provide the legal name of your organization, the data of state registration, VAT number, legal and factual addresses. Information about the representative (step 1 of this manual) should also be specified in detail in the dative case.
Describe in detail what organization or what individuals your representative should receive money and what is the payout. For example, "to the cashier, OOO "Romashka", located at... owed me a salary for April 2012, and to perform all actions related to the assignment."
Specify whether your representative to delegate their powers to anyone.
Indicate the validity of the document. Maximize the power of attorney may be issued for three years. If you do not put down the validity, legally binding document will lose in a year.
Please note that to put the signature under the document in the presence of a person power of attorney to assure. In addition to the notary and Bank employees, it may be the head physician of the hospital (if you are on treatment), the commander in/h, head of the housing and operational organization by place of residence, the head of your company (in the case of power of attorney for receiving wages), the head of the educational institution (if you need to get you a scholarship), etc. read More about this in article 185 of the civil code.
Pass signed and notarized power of attorney to your representative.