You will need
  • e - mail or a printed variant of the form of proxy;
  • - your company details;
  • - passport data of the authorized representative;
  • - list of goods and materials that need to;
  • - authorized person, chief accountant and Director (signature of).
Put the room of the attorney at the top of the document. Room is according to the log documentation in the enterprise.
Designate power of attorney on the date of issuance and the date up to which valid rights of the employee on receiving TMTS. As a rule, from the date of issuance of the warrant and before the expiration of the document must be not more than 15 days. During this period of time, the employee shall receive TMC. If for some reason it is impossible to implement, require the filing of a new proxy.
Enter your company details. In a separate field registers the company name and the legal address. Be sure to specify Bank details: INN, settlement and correspondent account, BIK.
Fill in the fields relating to the Trustee. You need to write (print) surname, name, patronymic of the employee, his passport details (passport number, series, date of issue, name of institution that issued the document).
Specify an account that was paid for material goods and the date of payment.
Fill in the table describing the goods and materials that are required for power of attorney. This table consists of the following columns: ordinal number, name (according to the invoice and paid invoice), the unit of measurement of inventories (pieces, thousands of containers, boxes), the amount of inventories numerically and in words. Each item is written in a separate line. Blank lines should cross to avoid falsification of the document.
How to fill out a power of attorney for <b>receipt</b> inventory <em>values</em>
Ask the Trustee to sign the document.
Put on a power of attorney signed by the company Director and chief accountant and stamped.