Write at the top of the page on the center line in capital letters the name of the document "power of Attorney". Below, specify the date and place of issue of power of attorney (city, village, region). The power of attorney may be handwritten or typewritten by the way. The only requirement is that there is – it must be made in writing. Verbal agreements have no legal force.
Write down who issued the power of attorney: your surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, address, passport details (series and number of document, by whom and when issued, the Department number).
Next, write who you would trust to obtain the documents. Enter information similar to the requirements of the preceding paragraph. Upon receipt of the documents your representative will be required to present a passport to certify your identity and verification of personal data.
Define the powers of Trustees. Write down what you trust your representative, for example, obtaining pensions, scholarships, statements, certificates, and so on as specific as possible to describe the transferred responsibilities, to avoid ambiguity in their interpretation.
Indicate what your organization/division the Trustee may obtain the necessary documents. For example, it may be a Bank, pension or insurance Fund, an enterprise, a Department in a large organization. Record the exact details of the legal and actual address.
Determine the validity of a power of attorney. She can have the strength of both one day and several years. In the absence of this entry, the term of power of attorney is automatically set to one year from the date of this document. Note that even if the term has not expired, you may terminate this legal document at any time required.
Please sign to confirm all of the above power of attorney.