So, make a statement. Some specific requirements for its registration does not extend, the Trustee may do this in any form. Most importantly, don't forget to include some information, such as place of writing of the attorney, the date of preparation, name, surname and place of residence of both parties (the Issuer and received it). Keep in mind that the maximum period of duration of any power of attorney may not exceed three years from the date of booking. If you do not specify a desired term, the document will be valid for one year. By the way, the power of attorney, which will be dated the date of its composition, is considered to be negligible.
It should be noted that the payment of attorney on more than a year can be made only if the retiree will annually confirm the fact of their registration at the place of receipt of pension. Such a rule is justified by paragraph 6 of article 18 of the Federal law "About labour pensions in the Russian Federation".
After making sure to sign the power of attorney at the notary. If in your village it is not, to assure the document authorized officer of the authority. Permission to notarial acts issued by the head of this body.
Article No. 185 of the Russian Civil code establishes the cases in which the power of attorney will be equal to notarized. These include the results of the power of attorney of legal age capable citizens who are in a social protection institution. Moreover, the document can be certified by the head of the appropriate organ or authority of the institution itself.
You can also certify the document in that organization in which the Trustee works or studies, or in the housing and operational organization by place of residence.