You will need
  • - ready finishing edging
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - iron.
  • For the manufacture of Kant:
  • - fabric matching fabric or contrasting;
  • - the cord.
Prepare the necessary amount of finished edging or make it yourself. For the treatment products you will need edge with a length equal to the sum of the lengths of all processed seams plus seam. Calculate this value.
If you decide to use Kant made yourself, first prepare the bias tape designed for finished Kant's quantity. Of fabric on the bias (i.e. at an angle of 45 degrees to the grain lines) will have plenty of strips whose width is equal to twice the width of the edging (protruding from joints of parts) plus the seam (on the long slices – 1.5 cm, short – 0,5). Sew the strips to each other in long bake.
If you need bulk Kant, then insert the cord. Fold the binding in half along the entire length of the underside of the inside, and in the middle of the bend, place the cord. How bake or baste close to the cord. Route the line cord along with a special foot for vrachevanie Kant.
To handle edging the collar or cuff, put an edging on one of the parts of these elements face to face, aligning slices (protruding or outer edges of Kant look in the center of the part). Baste piping to the part in the seam.
If you are using a volume of Kant, where there is stitching along the cord, primitiva, lay the stitches, grabbing the line in the seam to the finished product it could not be seen. On corners and fillets allowances Kant nadsekite. Sew the edge along the basting.
The second part of the collar or cuffs put on detail with Kant face to face, align slices. Baste and stitch the seam primaqiune Kant. Allowances on the collar (cuff) cut off close to the stitching.
Remove the banded element, straighten corners and edges. Sametime edge, straightening Kant, Tutuila and attrocites in the region (at a distance of 1 mm from the edge).
In the Princess seams and other sections of Kant stachivaya in a similar way. Put an edging on the seam allowance to one of the parts face-to-face, combining slices, and baste. The second part cut with the first fold right sides. Prostrochite in the seam, lay stefannie details face down. Zautyuzhte allowances in one direction. Topstitch from the front side in the region close to the border.