How to sew sheets on elastic band

For sewing fitted sheets will need fabric, which is specially designed for bed linen. Its width should be 2.3 to 3.0 meters, you can buy it in the stores that sell the textile fabrics. In the case when the width of matter smaller than the mattress, sew 2 strips of fabric linen stitch.

For sheets best suitable natural absorbent fabric, such as linen, bamboo, cotton. If you like a soft cloth, can I use flannel, Terry cloth material, or cotton knit. Moreover, the fabric having a stretch, would not require an allowance for shrinkage, in contrast to the natural material, which requires an additional 10 inches due to the fact that after washing it will sit.

For sewing fitted sheets you will need:
- sewing machine;
- gum, the size of ½ of the perimeter of the mattress;
- cloth-size mattress plus 20 centimeters in width and length.

Sewing fitted sheets

Natural fabrics before you begin, you must decativate, that is wet in warm water, dry and carefully iron. The very pattern to do better on fabric, as it is elementary, minimal number of lines. Don't forget an extra 10 cm on each side is cut to fit the sides of the mattress and for kulisku gum. Matter need to sweep the corners to a depth of the mattress. The resulting product should try. If the sheet will fit a mattress, its corners are sewn with a double seam, thus, is supposed to be a kind of cover.

How to sew the elastic to the sheet

There are three ways of fixing the gum. In the first case, the edges of the fabric are bent around the perimeter, and top stitched elastic webbing. In the second case, around the perimeter of the sheets is a seam with hem – drawstring. With the help of safety pins elastic band is passed in kulisku, then the ends fastened neatly.

Both methods are good, but to iron while this bedding is uncomfortable. Women who possess sewing skills, use the third option – elastic band in this case is attached only at the corners of the product. Each corner will need about 20 inches of elastic. Fabric edges are bent with a flat iron, and the corners smachivaetsya. In every corner of the hem of the matter inserted rubber, namerevalsya. Then the corners with elastic band sewn on the sewing machine.

Made by hand bed sheets will let you remain comfortably on the mattress, as it will not stray even when there is restless sleep.