Belt of woolen fabric

It's possible that somewhere in your bins lying around beautiful fabric, beaded, or a piece of woolen cloth. Any interesting material you can use to create a wide and original belt. In addition, an interesting belt can come out of the gum. Not only from that which is inserted into the belt. You will need a fairly wide elastic band: 7 cm or more.

So, if you have wool fabric, make a belt with buckle. The width of the belt can be 8 see, Lay the fabric on a flat surface and bend it in half. The front side of the fabric should be inside. Before doing this make pattern belt: cut a rectangle 8 cm wide and of such length that suits you. If you are planning to tie the bow, make the belt longer. If you have a simple belt with a buckle, it is enough to add 20 cm to the waist. Attach the pattern to the fold of the fabric and pin the safety pins. Outline the pattern with chalk or a slut and make a seam. Now cut the fabric according to the planned lines. Chip pattern and re-attach to the fold of the fabric. You need to cut 2 exactly the same blanks as the belt is sewed from two parts.

Then fold both pieces face each other and sew them with a needle, and then on a typewriter. Unbound leave one of the sides of the belt: through it, you must twist the belt on the front side. Iron the waistband and seams. Then, tuck the fabric is not sewn at the sides and prostrochite on a typewriter. The seam should be smooth and tidy, as it will remain on view. Insert the most simple belt buckle to be able to fix it on the waist.

The belt of rubber bands

To create a belt of elastic material length should be equal to the circumference of the waist. Stretching the fabric will have a good lie down and a nice fitting shape. In order to handle edge belt, buy satin ribbon of the same color as the belt. Put a satin ribbon on the places where treatment is required. Fold the ribbon in half, so it was on both sides of the belt. Then sew the ribbon with a needle, and then prostrochite on a typewriter.

But that's not all. By itself, the belt of gum looks pretty boring. So buy the beads or sequins and embroidered their belt. Unable to come up with original patterns or just sew the decorations on equal distance from each other. Beads can be placed close or far: distribute it so that was enough for the entire zone.

In addition to beads purchase in the clothing store hooks to fasten (like normal bras). Sew hooks to one side of the belt at equal distance from each other, and loop to another side. The advantage of this clasp is that it is hidden. So when you put on the belt, the hooks and eyes will not be visible. For belt width of 8 cm will need 5 hooks.