If you are only going to buy shoes, read the quality certificate of the product. If the shoes in the socks stretched, in this case it is better to abandon the purchase, rather than periodically carrying out activities that reduce. In that case, if the model you liked so that you are not afraid of any difficulties, feel free to buy any shoes.
In some Shoe stores sell silicone or gel tab, buying which, you will be able to adjust the Shoe size. These tabs are put respectively in the toe or in the heel pad inside. Try again shoes and make sure that it fits you in size. However, the option cannot be used in relation to open shoes and sandals.
You can also use insoles from hygienic material (preferably latex) that will not allow the leg to hang freely when walking. Latex insoles are good that tightly adhere to the inner side of the sole, and can be used for open shoes or sandals. Please note that in winter shoes, such insole, insert is not recommended, as this may cause hypothermia of the foot.
If none of the options does not fit, contact a Shoe workshop where you will adjust the shoes by size. Sometimes the workshop can be found in the shop where you purchased the shoes. Use the wizard to specify exactly where you want (heel, toe etc.) to reduce the size of the Shoe. Some Shoe workshops are a master consultant who will help you determine which side is better to reduce shoes. With the help of pads or (more modern version of) a special machine cobbler will do the necessary work. Don't forget that if the length of the Shoe can be adjusted to fit your size, completeness of the shoes cannot be changed.
Taking shoes out of the workshop, carefully inspect it. The seams in the Shoe should be as strong as it was when buying it, and the sole must not be deformed. If the shop has a direct relationship to the salon where you bought the shoes, by agreement, we can arrange the repair with the warranty certificate, if the shoes were purchased less than 2 weeks ago.