You will need
  • centimeter
  • calculator
  • - special tables for determining the completeness of the legs
Trust the professional shoemaker which a flexible measuring tape mm the options you want, feet, determine, according to the state standard of Russia № 3927-88 its completeness. Can also calculate the size.
Measure using cm foot circumference at its widest of the toe part and also the length of the foot. Note the values are in millimeters.
Calculate the required size of the fulness of the legs according to the formula. Room completeness is equal to the difference of the products of coefficient 0.25 per foot circumference and a value of 0.15 for foot length, minus a constant factor (17 for men, 16 for women and 16.5 for children by 13.5 for students). The result can be rounded, thus get the size of the fulness of his feet in the Russian system of calculation (GOST 3927-88). Note that the standard children's sizes of the fullness of the legs is determined on a scale from 1 to 5 for preschoolers and for Teens from 1 to 8.
Move the above the size of the entirety in any other system, which use special tables the completeness relations of the scales or the Internet. In any search engine the global network, specify the table definition of the fulness of shoes." If you don't want to look at the sites, choose the image search, which will give instant results.
Put yourself in the European system of measures for the calculation of the completeness of the legs given the fact that the interval sizes from 1 to 8 is 5 mm, and according to Russian standards, the difference is 4 mm. For example, the domestic the first women's European size corresponds to the fifth, and the men sixth.
Define "by eye" the size of the leg, adhering to reference values for American and British standard systems: - narrow fullness feet, "D", "E" is slightly better medium, EE - wide, and full stop of the legs.