You will need
  • - passport;
  • - details of the employer;
  • - requisites of a judicial authority;
  • - details of labour inspection;
  • - The code of administrative offences;
  • - Civil code of the Russian Federation;
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation.
When you non-issuance of labour books the employer for various reasons, try to negotiate with him. If peacefully to solve a labor dispute does not work, warn the former Director that you intend to appeal to the labour Inspectorate. Explain that this threatens him with a fine. When the former employer is not afraid and this fact, take action.
Contact on on labor disputes. Write a statement that the employer has violated your rights without giving you a work book. After all, without this document you cannot find a job. Accordingly, the company will charge a fine. The Fes shall be entitled to impose a fine on the individual entrepreneur in the amount of from one to five thousand rubles for organization violation of your employment rights will cost the amount of from thirty thousand to fifty thousand roubles. And for default of the decision of the labour Inspectorate relies to a fine determined by the Code of administrative offences.
There is another way, which is as follows. Please contact the court at the place of your residence. Make a statement of claim. In the header of the document enter the full name of the judicial authority. Then enter your personal data, address of residence. Write the details of your employer, including the VAT, CPT, name of organization, address of registration.
In substantial part, write the essence of the statement. Specify the circumstances in which arose the current situation. That is write, that the employer unreasonably does not return you the work book.
Referring to the Civil procedural code of the Russian Federation, describe what harm was done to you. Specify what amount you would like to obtain from the employer as compensation for moral damage. Usually the specialist relies on the amount of compensation in the amount, which is calculated based on his average earnings and the number of days that is not returned to your document. Sign the application, date it, write your surname, name, patronymic.