You will need
  • - application form;
  • - the form of the order;
  • - employment history of the employee;
  • the company's seal;
  • - documents of the organization.
To obtain copies of labor books employee written statement, which shall be addressed to the Director of the company. In the content part of the document prescribes the extradition request copies of the main document on labour activity of the expert who performed the duties under the contract. The statement prescribed reason need a copy of the work books. This can be, for example, the submission to the Bank in order to receive credit.
Take a statement from the employee. The Director shall bear the visa approval.
Make a order. In the grounds of a leave application of an employee. The reason to specify, for example, the submission to the Bank in order to receive credit. The topic of the document in this case is the certification and issuing of copies of labor books. Responsible for the execution of the order put on the person who leads, fill in documents about the work of the employee. As a rule, the personnel officer.
Sign the order signed by the Director. Become familiar with the order of the officer cadre of a receipt.
Make photocopies of each page of the employment books, including the cover page, designed in accordance with the rules of documents about employment. Sign each page of the copy reads: "Correct" or "true Copy".
Then write your name, initials, positions. Put a personal signature. On the last page copies of labor books of employees-contains a record of the reception, write the following sentence: "Working on now", then reassure her as above.