You will need
  • a blank work book, pen, printing company, proof of work experience.
The employee himself will not be able to recover his work record, whatever the reason for her absence. This action is bound to make the employer. The basis is the legislation of the Russian Federation.
In case of loss of employment record , the employee writes the application addressed to the Director of the company where he works, with the request that he was given a copy of the employment record in respect of its loss. The employee signs the statement and puts the date of writing. Director on the statement puts the resolution. The resolution specifies the resolution of the head for receiving the employee of a duplicate employment record, date and the signature of the Director.
Employee of the personnel Department of the company on the first leaf blank votes labor book says the word "Duplicate", enter the full surname, name and patronymic of the employee, lost work-book. On the basis of the document on education States the status of the profession of education.
The employee lost work book, prompts from previous jobs, labor contract, letter of employment or another document confirming the fact of working at a particular enterprise.
Personnel on the basis of the submitted documents by the employee calculates his total seniority. A number of years, months, days HR writes on the first page of a duplicate employment record of the employee, lost work-book.
The employee of the personnel Department on the basis of the presented documents makes the duplicate entries in the employment record of the employee in chronological order. Ordinal number of entry, date of admission and date of dismissal of an employee writes in Arabic numerals. In the third column of the duplicate writes an entry about what kind of position, a structural unit and in which the organization was accepted/fired this employee. In the fourth column enter the personnel number and date of documents are the basis for a particular record.
Each entry included in the duplicate employment record, the seal of the company, signed by the person who filled in duplicate.