First, according to paragraph 31 of the "Rules of conducting and storage of work record cards, manufacturing of forms of employment record and ensure their employers in case of loss of employment record you must make a written application to the employer at the last place of work. Who is the last employer? If before you lost the labour book, you signed an employment contract with a new employer, he is the last tenant. If you if you lose employment record did not work, then refer to the previous employer.
Within 15 calendar days after the adoption you have the announcement of the loss of labour book, the employer is obliged to issue a duplicate, which will contain all the shared data and (or) continuous experience prior to employment by the last employer and data on the work and the rewards (promotions), which were made in the employment book to the employer. In order to verify the total work experience you will need to submit all the following documents, and only the originals:
-orders on admission, transfer and discharge;
-employment contracts;
-statement confirming the wages;
another kind of help, etc.
Do not forget that a duplicate employment record entered the General experience without giving translations and posts.
If the work book is lost by the employer.
For example, in case of fire, flood, negligence of employees or even malicious intent. In this case, the organization needs to be a Commission, which should be a representative of the Executive power of the region, which is the employer representative employer and a representative trade Union organization or labor collective. Restoration of seniority and the issue of a duplicate employment record in this case is carried out on the basis of documents presented by the employee. If documents are missing, it can be applied to the testimony of two witnesses.
The Commission of the act, which specifies the seniority of the employee, in order to issue a duplicate employment record.
If the employer simply lost your work book, you have the right to bring him to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine from 1,000 to 5,000 rubles for individual entrepreneurs and for legal entities – from 30 000 to 50 000 rubles or suspension of their activities for up to three months. But even the involvement of employer liability does not relieve you from the problems associated with confirmation of employment and receipt of a duplicate employment record.