The person who lost the work book, there are two ways to get a new one. The first option is to contact the previous employer with a request to issue a duplicate instead of lost. According to section 31 of the "Rules of conducting and storage of work record cards, manufacturing of forms of employment record and ensure their employers that are approved by the government of the Russian Federation dated 16.04.2003 g., the employer must give the former employee the document within 15 days from the date of submission of applications. The employer shall record in duplicate in a total, without specifying where, from whom, in what time period and in what capacity he worked, the owner of the work book.If the former employer is at the remote distance from the worker, it will be easier to request a duplicate employment records when applying for a new job. In this case, the preparation of the document to the personnel office would need to provide reference from last places of work confirming seniority. Evidence will also be employment contracts, extracts from the orders on appointment to the job, personal accounts, passbooks, statements for the payment of wages and other evidence of labor activity. Information on seniority in the enterprise which is liquidated, will be requested from the archives.In case of impossibility of obtaining the documents confirming the seniority, has the right to seek the necessary information to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, where the information of the individual (personified) accounting provides data about where, when and how many working citizen.In the collection of evidence that the employee has led a career in a specific company, are taken into consideration and the testimony of co-workers or supervisors. This particularly affects the positive decision of the judge upon confirmation of seniority in the court.