Inventory work record at the enterprise on the inventory in accordance with form n INV-16, approved by the decree №88 state statistics Committee of the Russian Federation of 18 August 1998 "On approval of unified forms". Create an inventory Commission by order of the enterprise. Assign the person responsible for the registration and storage of labor books.
Make the act of writing off. Filling of documents maintained by the company Director or responsible person for the account and storage of forms of labor books. The act is not regulated by law, so filled in free form or in the form of regulations of the enterprise. Be sure to include the name of organization, title of document and date of its compilation, the contents of economic operation on the write-off. Specify the number of work books, write-off, and their cost. Specify in the act the reason for cancellation, details of service record and date of cancellation.
Make an order on the letterhead of the organization on the establishment of the liquidation Commission of forms of the strict reporting. Sign the orders with signature and seal of the enterprise. Specify all the members of the liquidation Commission in the act of decommissioning with a description of their position in the company. Make an order for the appointment of persons responsible for the cancellation. Specify the responsible persons for the cancellation and sign the act by their signatures on the basis of paragraph 2 of article 9 of the law of the Russian Federation No. 129-FZ of 21 November 1996 "On accounting". Sign the act with the seal of the organization.
Hem to an act of pure forms of labor books. Fill in the account books accounting forms of labor books and inserts a record of the withdrawal of the required employment record, according to the resolution No. 69 of the Ministry of labour of the Russian Federation of 10 October 2003. After the destruction of the forms needed to write off their cost accounting where they were.